Sonave community farming project

Sonave is my ancestral  village just outside Mumbai, and this project is to include you in the farming of fruits, vegetables, grains and more so that we all have access to good quality food throughout the year.

What is it?
This is a community farming initiative to bring back the connect with how food grows, more specifically, how much effort goes in growing food, so that we don’t fall for fads related to food.
How does it work?

It connects us to the soil, to the Sun and to the seasons. We will learn where the food we eat is coming from and we will value it more because we have taken efforts in actually helping it grow. Every month at the farm, we will participate in the entire process of growing food, from sowing to harvesting. The fresh produce will get distributed amongst all participants to bring back home. For the farmer, this ensures guaranteed income in advance for his crop.


This is a community support project and the cost covers -

- learning with Rujuta and her team,

- all farming activities,

- meals at the farm,

- monthly basket of fresh produce.

Note - A significant portion of the fees goes towards the welfare of the tribal population in Sonave.


The cost for 2017 (to be paid in full latest by 7th Jan 2017)

For one person – Rs 40,000/-
Couple – Rs 60,000/-
One child – Rs 15000/- additional

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