05th Oct


PCOD and Thyroid U2P


PCOD and Thyroid U2P

It's a 2-month program conducted by Rujuta Diwekar and her team. There is a full day workshop and then a 2-month individual follow-up with our team nutritionists. The idea is to educate you on the nutrition and exercise strategies that will work best for you based on your lifestyle, current fitness levels and long-term goals.

  • When 05th Oct, 2019
  • Where Sonave (Just outside Mumbai)

Paid participation, registration is required


Rich Traditions

Rujuta on staying true to your genes and richness of your land while handing it down to the generations ahead.

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Super fruit banana

Jack, Fruit Of All Trades

Sweetness is its virtue, so don’t let the weight loss industry prejudice you against it- And it’s the time of the year when our tropical country produces one ‘fattening’ fruit after another—mango and then jackfruit. Fattening only according to someone’s wild imagination though, as both these are zero in fat and cholesterol, they get a bad name... Read more

What is it that you can do which can help you rid of the bloating and feel thinner in your skin?You are probably still recovering from the Diwali madness. New year is around the corner too. So is the ambition of fitting into that tiny black dress. So, what is it that you can do which can help you rid of the bloating and feel thinner in your... Read more

Fuel for my train journey. High on fibre, essential fatty acids and steady on blood sugars. The cool and homemade chakli

Modak: Eat Till They Run Out

If you are the type who likes vintage wine, then you should really care about modak-The biggest festival of Mumbai is here; the pot-bellied elephant god has arrived and he has brought tons and tons of modak with him. Ladies and gentlemen, it is an exotic sweet, a piece of art, as not everyone can mould a modak. If you are the type who likes... Read more

Let’s not do to sugar what we did to fat- “Just cut back on sugar. Take the 100-day ‘no sugar challenge’. Eat the chocolate but with the zero calorie sweetener. Switch to stevia, it’s plant based.” Boss, enough of blanket bans. We did it with fat and landed up with an epidemic of Vit D deficiencies, cholesterol issues, obesity and all other... Read more