06th Oct


Special Sunday


Sonave Community Farming Project

This is a community farming initiative to bring back the connect with how food grows, more specifically, how much effort goes in growing food, so that we don’t fall for fads related to food.

  • When 06th Oct, 2019
  • Where Sonave (Just outside Mumbai)

Paid participation, registration is required


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Rujuta on how to lose weight, desi style!

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Eat local fruits and vegetables

Sedentary Evil Meets Its Active Nemesis

If you must change your future, you must change the present - So what’s 2016 going to look like? A year where you wake up and go to the gym regularly or the one where you wake up only to put the alarm on snooze? Or something in between, where for the first three weeks you are a gym rat and after that count out the months left for 2017 to begin?... Read more

There is a multi-billion-dollar weight-loss industry preying on a simple fact—fear and confusion about what to eat.Nutrition scientists are saying that their attempt to demystify food by dividing it into carbs, protein and fat as macronutrients has only led to more confusion. The only ones to benefit have been the big food companies. There is a... Read more

If we don't stop contaminating our stomachs with junk and streets with plastic, we will never be Swacch Bharat or Fit Bharat!

Sprint As The Bell Rings

Health cannot be bought with prescription, money and influence -So we just had ‘world heart day’. The pathology labs and pha­rma firms went on an overdrive; so did front-page news articles. Everyone talk­ing about how we are a boiling pot of heart diseases and metabolic disorders. Honestly, having a digital BP monitor at home or checking lipid... Read more

Dal chawal ghee khao, it’s not bad at all -Not so long ago, fish oil, more specifically Omega 3, was supposed to deliver us from every known disease, from depression to heart problems to infertility. Now it seems the weight-loss industry is getting bored of it. So let’s introduce the new kid on the block—virgin coconut oil—and celebrate it with... Read more