Sonave community farming project

Sonave is my ancestral  village just outside Mumbai, and this project is to include you in the farming of fruits, vegetables, grains and more so that we all have access to good quality food throughout the year.

February 2017
Activity Food basket
    1) Plucked Cabbages 2) Understood about Bors (neglected & under utilized specie)
Beetroot, cauliflower, cabbage, drumsticks, palak, ridge gourd (shiralu), lemon grass, tej pata (bay leaf)
March 2017
Activity Food basket
    1) Extracted sunflower seeds 2) Harvested black til 3) Harvested beetroot
Round doodhi, pumpkin, drumstick, methi leaves, beetroot, long doodhi, sunflower seeds, rye, sabja seeds, vaal.
April 2017
Activity Food basket
    1) Plucked onions 2) Hand pounded rice from our fields
Onions (red and white), hand pounded rice, sunflower seeds, onion seeds, banana and groundnuts
May 2017
Activity Food basket
    1) Harvested roots of walla 2) Plucked bhindi seeds 3) Sowed bhindi and desi white corn seeds 4) Cold pressed Til oil (sesame) from the field 5) Cold pressed (kacchi ghani) ground nut oil
Groundnut oil in steel containers, til oil in glass bottles, ground nuts, kesar mangoes, adulsa leaves, karvanda, Khus leaves and walla (khus roots)
July 2017
Activity Food basket
    1) Plucked the rice saplings 2) Transplanted rice
Ambadi, Kadi Patta, Tez Patta, Banana flower and banana
August 2017
Activity Food basket
    1) Planted Tur and Vaal(Pulses) 2) Planted Bel and other Ayurvedic trees along the boundary
Dudhi, Galka, Ambadi, Kari patta and Laal maath(Red leafy vegetable)
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