Sonave community farming project

Sonave is my ancestral  village just outside Mumbai, and this project is to include you in the farming of fruits, vegetables, grains and more so that we all have access to good quality food throughout the year.

What is it?
A community farming initiative in Sonave, just outside Mumbai, where we learn to farm and get access to real food. 
Key features
• Learn about farming, by actually farming on a dedicated piece of land
• Food gyan by Rujuta and her team
• Heritage meals and recipes
• Sessions with farming experts
In addition, you 
• Contribute to the local farmers by buying their produce directly from them
• Also get fresh, natural produce from what you grow yourself
• Participate in community initiatives like tree plantations, pre school meals, etc.
Fresh, natural food
You get what you grow
The produce from what you grow is shared equally between all participants.
In addition, premium produce like fruits, vegetables, rice, oils, etc., from Rujuta’s family farm is also shared as per availability.
Farmers market
For every session, local farmers will be invited to bring their fresh produce and you can buy it directly from them, contributing to their welfare.  
• One pre-decided Sunday every month for 2 hours (9 – 11am)
• Including 5 special Sundays in the year 
• You can sign up for full year or for any special Sunday
The cost for SCFP 2018 in INR
One adult:   32,000/-
Two adults signing up together:   50,000/-
Children below 12:   Complimentary
Children (12 -18 years):   16,000/-
Nutrition/ medical students:   16,000/-
Special Sundays:   5,000/-
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